Studio Rates

Hourly Rates

$75/hr with 2 hour minimum – Deposit required before session


Production – fees start at $500 per track plus hourly studio rate

Mixing – $75/hr

Mastering – $125 per track

Unlimited distribution to all major platforms $75/year or recurring payments of $6.25 per month with signed agreement.



Cash, Credit Cards, PayPal, Zelle, CashApp, BitCoin

All multiple hour sessions, 3 or more hours, must have deposits when booking sessions

3 Song Demo Package – $1250 – Includes a total of nine (9) hours recording time, all 3 songs mixed and radio ready (main mix, show mix, a cappella). Additional charges apply for mastering, and for any graphic work that may be needed.

Booking Policy

If you are late for a session by more than 30 minutes without a call your session will be forfeited.  No files will be given until all fees are paid. On completion of the project, please bring a hard drive or flash drive to get a copy of your sessions files or wave files.  Please do not touch any equipment unless directed to do so.  Please be prepared and ready to work. Preparation is key to a great session experience.

  1. All hourly sessions require a 50% deposit at time of booking.
  2. All Day-Rate (8 hours) and Multi-Day sessions require a 50% deposit at time of booking, and balance paid on day of session BEFORE starting.
  3. For hourly sessions, the balance is due before the start of the session.
  4. We do not charge in half-hour increments. If client goes over 5 minutes, full hour is due to continue.
  5. Clock starts when engineer is required to utilize any equipment. Reasonable artist set-up time is allowable but clock starts when engineer assistance is needed.
  6. Session time includes 15 minutes for data dump onto optional 4G USB drive (which holds audio and session data). For example, if a session is booked for three hours, the last 15 minutes of the session  is designated for the data dump. Please plan accordingly.
  7. Client can purchase a 4G USB storage drive for $10 or supply their own. We are not responsible for session files after sessions have ended. If client doesn’t want to purchase our available audio and data storage products and requests files to be emailed, it must be within the scheduled studio time. If files need to be re-emailed for any reason after session has ended, a Data Dump fee will apply. Cost to re-email is 1 hour of studio time.

Cancellation Policy

Client has up to 48 hours prior to scheduled booking to notify Hit ‘Em Hard Studios for any cancellation or rescheduling request. If request falls short of 48 hours prior to the original booking time, any deposit made will be forfeited.

Disclaimer: Prices are for studio time only unless otherwise stated and do not cover production fees, which may vary per project.  All tracks remain the property of Hit ‘em Hard Entertainment & 2t4w Music Publishing.  Tracks can be used for a period of no more than 12 months after which time we retain the right to re-issue track as we see fit with verbal and written notification to all involved parties, unless an agreement has been reached and all terms and fees have been met.  We reserve the right to cancel, reschedule and/or stop any sessions.

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