If you’re gonna hit ’em, you gotta Hit ‘Em HARD!

With over 25+ years of experience , your project will get the attention it deserves and needs.

Recording & Engineering

Recording and engineering using industry standard software, Protools, Cubase, Nuendo. Over 20+ years of experience to make your mixes stand out..

Tracking &

With unlimited tracking we can track and mix your most involved master pieces.

Production & Sequencing

Using Nuendo, Cubase, Protools, Logic Pro, Komplete, and FL Studios Producer Edition along with the MPC Renaissance, provides us with a wide array of production and sequencing options to meet your needs.

Live Band

We provide Live Band Recording with mic’d drums, DI for guitars, bass and keyboards and vocals, any configuration that you need.
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Projects We’re Proud Of!

Hit ’em Hard is proud to have been a part of some amazing independent artist projects, who’s dedication to their craft and contribution to the art of music is something we love to share.
  • Messages that inspire
  • Music that is original and timeless
  • Artists dedicated to who they are

This is the Hit ’em Hard Entertainment Wall of Fame

These are the projects that have come out on the Hit ’em Hard Entertainment label…Enjoy!